Man lifts palm tree off crushed co-worker

An arborist who became pinned beneath a runaway palm tree at Stanwell Park has been airlifted to hospital.
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The 38-year-old man and a co-worker cut down a five-metre palm on Sheridan Crescent shortly before 1pm Wednesday.

It is understood the man was trimming the tree on an inclined surface once it was on the ground.

It rolled over his toes and across his body, then came to rest on his chest.

The man’s co-worker was able to free him by lifting the tree, which had a diametre of about 30cms and appeared to weigh more than a single man could lift.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Norm Rees said the man suffered stomach and chest injuries, and a possible fractured pelvis.

He lost consciousness for a short period before he was airlifted to St George Hospital.

He remained at the hospital in a stable condition late Wednesday afternoon.

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Library book-ed out

Whyalla Public Library has recorded a huge jump in visitor numbers in the last financial year. Pictured were library assistant Lynette Steele and city librarian Catherine McIntyre.The community has buried its head in the books with customer visits to the Whyalla Public Library up by more than eight per cent in the 2014/15 financial year.
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The library recorded 86,316 visits, an average of 245 per day, which is an increase of 6490 from the previous year.

City librarian Catherine McIntyre said the library had recorded an increase in numbers across the board.

“The demand for library services has increased over the last financial year as Whyalla Public Library firmly establishes its place as a central information, digital and community hub, adapting to meet the evolving needs of the local population,” she said.

“9035 people are members of the library, that is 40.9 per cent of Whyalla’s population, and not everyone who uses the library service have joined as members.”

Ms McIntyre put the increased visitation down to a demand for the library’s new digital services with the library offering much more than just books.

“This rise, an increase of 6,490 visits on the previous year, is in response to newly discovered library services and opportunities and is expected to continue as the library meets the demands of our information and technology driven, knowledge-based society,” she said.

A number of new digital strategies have recently been introduced to the library including online training resource LyndaLibrary and digital magazine catalogue Zinio.

Whyalla City Council group manager community Migelle Hiscock said she was pleased the facility was continuing to attract the community and was being well used.

“We are very proud of the Whyalla Public Library, and from the numbers of people using the facility, I think it demonstrates that the community is proud of the facility too,” Mrs Hiscock said.

“The library offers many wonderful facilities and services, and I am glad residents appear to be making full use of these services.”

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Going with the grain

A JOINT approach between Tasmanian grain growers, the dairy industry and a farming systems group has the potential to significantly boost the state’s wheat crop.
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Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) southern regional panel chair Keith Pengilley, of Conara, said Tasmania once had a foremost position in wheat production.

“We used to produce enough grain in Tasmania to feed the colony in Sydney,” he said.

Now, there are plans to reduce Tasmania’s reliance on grain imports, particularly for the dairy sector.

“In July, the GRDC committed to a five-year research investment project, with the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) Australia, DairyTas and Southern Farming Systems to look at finding the best wheat and barley genetics from around the globe for high-yielding feed grains which would perform reliably in Tasmania,” he said.

“We want to get the agronomy and management right. How do we – as growers and advisers – maximise the yield potential around some of those varieties, which may not even exist in Tasmania at the moment.”

He said Southern Farming Systems would help to ensure the right agronomic package was available by looking at plant growth regulators, fertilisers and weed control.

Tasmanian grain could see a boost through partnerships and collaboration between industry bodies.

DairyTas is involved to provide advice on what kind of cereal to grow.

“There’s no point in growing something, at the end of the day, if it doesn’t suit the dairy farmer’s system,” Mr Pengilley said.

Tasmania imports 200,000 tonnes of feed grain, “which gives you some idea of the market potential, to start with, before you even look at any growth in dairy”.

Lachstock Consulting’s Lachie Stevens addressed a forum about new and emerging markets for Tasmanian grain.

“It’s probably not as big as it once was, compared with other states – we have more options in Tasmania, the poppy industry has grown and the vegetable industry has really grown,” Mr Stevens said.

“Freight equalisation doesn’t necessarily help grain growers, as grain coming in is subsidised at $40 a tonne.

“We are spoilt for choice and sometimes that can distract you from doing a few things well.”

Mr Stevens said the industry could grow significantly but needed capital.

“We need to find capital partners; we can’t borrow the money and there are not that many local investors – so we need to find other options to get capital into the state

“The ground is there, the infrastructure is there, the water is there, the market is there – we just need the desire and capital to make it work.”

Micro brewer Dave McGill, of Moo Brew in Hobart, said there was a role for supplying the local industry with malting barley.

“I talked about branding,” he said. “Farmers have a unique story, with lots of history, and as a brewer, we can leverage quite heavily off that agricultural side of things.

“The craft beer sector has a growing need for quality, malting-grade barley, along with the Tasmanian distilling industry.

“It is receiving some serious accolades around the world and we are trying to get an appellation tag, showing it is only Tasmanian barley used in the whisky.”

He acknowledged malting barley was an expensive crop to grow, and processors needed to be prepared to pay a premium price in order to support farmers.

In the same way as brewers were encouraging the hop industry, they were also locking in forward contracts for sale.

Moo Brew would take between 800 tonnes and 1000 tonnes of malting barley a year, which was too small for many of the larger operators.

“Hopefully, we can appeal to some of the smaller farmers, who have a lower yield but higher margin,” Mr McGill said.

The craft beer industry was growing at 10 per cent a year, which should encourage farmers to continue to grow the barley it needed, he said.

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Women’s Union Country RallyPhotos

Women’s Union Country Rally | Photos The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6.
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The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

The Women’s Union Country Rally was held in Collie on August 6

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Emily’s transplant a success

Krista and Emily Dodsworth. Eden woman Emily Dodsworth has undergone her successful kidney transplant in Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) hospital.
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Emily and her sister Krista – who donated her kidney to Emily for the life-saving operation – arrived at the hospital on Monday.

“Pre op for Emily and Krista was at 9am on Monday,” family friend and fundraiser Jasmine Davis told the Magnet yesterday.

“Emily was admitted that afternoon at 3pm, Krista arrived at RPA at 6am (on Tuesday), she had time with Emily before the op, then went to admissions at 7am.

Krista’s went into surgery at about 7.30am and was out of recovery at about 3pm, Ms Davis said.

“Emily went in about 12pm and was out of recovery at about 6pm.

Their mother, Christine de Groot, Emily’s partner, Stuart Carroll, and Krista’s partner, Monty Thomsen, were at their bedsides.

“Krista was sitting up in bed last night watching TV with Monty, she looked exceptionally well,” Ms Davis said.

“The surgeon told Christine and the girls that Krista’s kidney was pristine and that both operations had gone well.”

Despite the operation being a success, Emily was in considerable pain on Tuesday night.

The Eden Magnet wishes the two sisters a fast and speedy recovery.

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Mother poisoned daughter with urine in jugular, court hears

A mother accused of poisoning her nine-year-old daughter allegedly administered urine into the child’s jugular, court documents stated.
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The mother, who cannot be identified, made a brief appearance in Cessnock Local Court on Wednesday.

She was charged in July with one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of endangering the child’s life by poisoning her.

Police allege the assault occurred at John Hunter Hospital in January 2014, while the poisoning occurred at Westmead in March this year, court documents stated.

The alleged act of poisoning was administering urine into a “central venous line” linked to the girl’s jugular, the documents stated.

Outside the court, the mother’s solicitor Michael Nott said: “The charges will be vigorously denied.”

The mother shook at times during her appearance in court.

She was supported by about a dozen friends and family.

Magistrate Ron Maiden adjourned the case to Newcastle Local Court on October 14.

No pleas were entered and the mother’s bail was continued.

Officers from the Child Abuse Squad began investigating the mother in March after the child was admitted to hospital with life-threatening renal failure and other serious medical conditions.

The child has since recovered and is the subject of care proceedings in the Children’s Court.

Mr Nott was unable to provide an estimate as to how the long the care proceedings will take.

Newcastle Herald

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Guitarist’s hand caught in the crossfire

SURE SHOT: Crossfire Hurricane Daniel Unwin suffered an unusual workplace accident when a bullet went through one of the fingers on his left hand (image has been reversed).
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THE guitarist of Warrnambool band Crossfire Hurricane has lived up to his band’s name by getting accidentallyshot in the finger.

DanielUnwin, who grew up in Cobden, recently moved from Warrnambool to Melbourne to pursue his music career, taking up a job with a removalist company to support himself.On Tuesday, onjust his third shift, the guitarist was shot in the finger and rushed to hospital.

“I was on my last job of the day and we were moving a wardrobe,” he said.

“The fella who I was working with pulled the gun off the top of the wardrobe and said ‘if this hit you in the head it would hurt’. I said ‘give it to me’ and as I held it, it just went off.”

Royal Melbourne Hospital surgeonsoperated on his finger on Wednesday morning.

“I was quite lucky –it missed the bone and missed the tendon and went straight through,” he said.

The injury will keep Unwin and his band Crossfire Hurricane out of action for a couple of weeks, but he said he hoped to be ready in time for the launch of their first vinyl single in September.

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VIDEO: Orange High’s cool science: what do 3,000 airborne ping pong balls look like?

ICE BREAKER: Orange High School year 8 student Quinn Routh, science teacher Aaron Routh, year 10 student Fergus O’Shea and science teacher Kate Hodgman use dry ice to freeze a rose at the school’s annual science show.IF you thought science class at school was boring, you could not be further from the truth.
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From explosions of ping pong balls out of 44-gallon drums to robotics, laser light shows and engineering challenges, Orange High School’s science faculty pulled out all the stops this week to help engage and inspire students with the amazing world of science to celebrate National Science Week.

On Tuesday, year 7 students participated in the Orange Science Challenge and Robotics Rumble(OSCARR), which involved a series of competitive activities including robotics and problem solving.

Yesterday the school’s annual science show had year 7 to 10 students and students from Orange primary schools gasping at the demonstration of a range of different science experiments.

It is the second year the school has celebrated National Science Week, a celebration science teacher Sarah Townsendsaid was vital to the future of the field in Australia.

“I guess science is very important because it helps explain the world around us,” she said.

“We’re constantly needing people coming through to participate in scientific research. We need good scientists to ensure the future of science in Australia.”

VIDEO: Slow motion footage of 3,000 airborne ping pong balls, courtesy of Orange High School:

Science teacher Kate Hodgmansaid despite the commonly-held view enrolments in Higher School Certificatescience classes were on the decline across NSW, Orange High students were bucking the trend, with numbers of students enrolled in science growing each year.

She said by engaging students with the exciting possibilities of the field and nurturing their curiosity they were more inclined to find the subject interesting.

“I think it’s because we have enthusiastic teachers. [The students] see value in it, in studying science, and we’ve got some very talented year 10 students coming through,” Ms Hodgman said.

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PERFECT PAINT: Edward Newton painted the entire fence and tyre walls while Slade Anlezark mixed the paint.MORE than twenty members of the Portland DistrictMotor Sports Club turned out on Sunday morning(August 16) with a huge list of tasks to complete at aworking bee.
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From junior drivers through to retired drivers andsupporters the great turnout allowed a wide and variedrange of jobs to be completed in time for the startof the brand new racing season on Saturday,September 26.

The Armco safety fencing was cut out andrepaired,tyre walls repaired then the entire perimeterwas spray painted white.

A timing transponder loop was installed into twotrenches cut across the race track ready for the SSANSW Four Cylinder Title to contested at CullenBullen in January.

The Bathurst Correctional team painted all thenew tyre markers that were installed through all theinfield corners.

To keep spectators safer a new chicken wiredeflection fence was added to the existing chain wirefence in turn four.

Thanks to a Community Building PartnershipGrant new lighting and associated wiring has beenadded but to stabilise the lighting poles concreteblocks needed to be dug into the ground andattached to the poles with guy wires.

Completing the huge day was the repair of thepublic address speakers and wiring plus some weedspraying.

A huge thank you goes to Coates Hire for the useof the trenching machine and mini excavator plusBob Sawdy who cooked just the best sausage sangasfor lunch.

A final working bee will be held on Sunday,September 13 just to add the finishing touches forwhat looks set to be the best season yet at “the action attraction of the Central West”.

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Whyalla motorists beating the bowser

Motorists have enjoyed low petrol prices with Whyalla again topping the list in the RAA Regional Fuel Ratings for July.Motorists have enjoyed low petrol prices with Whyalla again topping the list in the RAA Regional Fuel Ratings for July.
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RAA senior analyst Chris West said Whyalla scored a rating of 4.4 out of 5, offering cheaper petrol on average than Adelaide.

“The reason Whyalla is still at the top of our ratings is Whyalla’s petrol still has sites at $1.18 per litre – the cheapest price in South Australia and even nationally,” Mr West said.

“During July, Whyalla on average was 12cpl cheaper than Adelaide but on some days Whyalla was up to 31cpl cheaper than Adelaide.

“There continues to be attempts by some local retailers to raise the price, but others keep maintaining a low price keeping everyone low.”

Mr West said although regional fuel prices were cheaper than Adelaide on most days in July, the fair prices might be short lived.

“Although July was rated as ‘fair’, there are early signs that fuel pricing in South Australia will not continue to improve,” he said.

“We’re seeing wholesale prices fall, but some country retailers are not passing the savings on to motorists.

“The ACCC recently gave their tick of approval that the gap between city and country fuel prices had almost evaporated in the March-June quarter.

“However there are clear signs that it has begun to swing the other way again in July and early August.

“This is not the time for the ACCC to stop scrutinising country fuel prices, but to keep the pressure on the regional fuel industry to pass on any reductions in cost price.”

Mr West said Whyalla’s diesel was also competitive compared to elsewhere but Whyalla was one of the worst ranked places for LPG.

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