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Partnership: In a partnership between the Wagin Shire and UniGrain, whose Wagin faciltiy is pictured here, excess desalinated water will be stored for community use and in cases of need during dry timesNEW water tanks are soon to be upand running to give much neededsupport to the town of Wagin during drytimes.
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With a $26,400 grant fromRoyalties for Regions, two 250 kilolitrewater tanks have been ordered.

The tanks will receive excessdesalinated water from the Unigrainfacility, which will provide animportant non-potable emergencysupply for local farmers and supplementtownscape irrigation.

While the tanks for the town havebeen ordered it is not expected to beup and running for another month.

“That will help supplementwatering for the town site, like gardensand the ovals,” Shire of Waginchief executive officer PeterWebster said.

“The water is also available forspraying and stock use in dry times.

“It’s probably another monthaway before the tanks are up.”

In a partnership between theWagin Shire and UniGrain, it willutilise the water which is currentlydischarged into nearby SlipperyLake.

UniGrain arrived in Wagin lastNovember through acquiring theMortons Seed and Grain oat millingfacility.

Currently Wagin Shire pumpsabout 60-90 megalitres of salinegroundwater each year to controlgroundwater rise and prevent secondarysalinisation in the town.

UniGrain Pty Ltd will treat thewater using reverse osmosis to meetits industrial needs and provide anadditional 4 megalitres per year thatwill be piped back to the new tanksin Wagin.

The Shire of Wagin is contributing$20,950 to the project whichwill go towards the outfitting andinstallation of the tanks.

The grant came about throughthe Community Water SupplyProgram received last month.

CWSP provides grants for communitywater supply improvementsin dryland districts receiving lessthan 600 mm average annual rainfall.

“Lack of water is an issue thatcountry communities continue toface, sometimes annually,” Memberfor Wagin Terry Waldron said whenthe grant was awarded.

“These grants assist in a numberof ways, through projects that provideself-sufficiency, water reutilisationopportunities, decrease salinityand increase storage capacities.”

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