#ThrowbackThursday: Found in a family album

A gathering, perhaps the official opening, at the Old Bega Hospital.#ThrowbackThursday: Last days of Old Bega Hospital
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#ThrowbackThursday: Old Bega Hospital memories #1

KEN Blanchfield found this fascinating photo in his family album.

He thinks it is possibly the official opening of the Bega Hospital, and it is certainly a large gathering in front of the building.

Associated with the hospital in the late 1880s were CT Stiles, F Blanc, W Scott, A French, Doctors Evershed, J Marshall, McKenzie and W Meeke, and on the committee were G Forbes, J Connelly, W Lane, J Maher, H Underhill, F Manby, C Harrison, H Cowdroy, D Gowing, J Rodd, A Wren and R Gentle.

Descendants of these men might like to carefully examine this photo and see if they can distinguish their ancestor.

Other members of Bega Valley pioneer families might also like to see if their great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents are in the photo.

If they can identify anyone, they can ring Claire Lupton on 6492 2570 or email her on [email protected]南京夜网.

Ms Lupton is the project coordinator and editor of Capturing the Memories, a history of the Old Bega Hospital.

It had been hoped the book of Capturing the Memories would be ready to be sold at Raise the Roof, the Old Bega Hospital Spring Festival on Sunday, October 25.

However, Ms Lupton said she has received so much material that it is unlikely that the book will be published by then – although orders can be taken.

She said it was also hoped that those who contributed to the book would attend Raise the Roof for a reunion of those who remembered the hospital when it was a hospital, either on the staff or as a patient or visitor.

Betty Smith (now Carriage) was identified in a recent photo as the nurse who is descending the steps to the ambulance as patients were moved to the new hospital.

Sister Crawford may have been the nurse at the top of the steps, but no-one could identify the ambulance officers.

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Stroke of geniusProfile

Ivan Estreich in his North Nowra home with two clocks, both of which he made himself. Photo: MAISIE COHEN
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TIME is precious, something North Nowra man Ivan Estreich knows all too well.

Born in Bowral 83 years ago, the grandfather of three is a time caretaker of sorts, having nurtured a lifelong interest in clocks and watches.

One of five children to Florence and Andrew Estreich, Ivan was the only one of his siblings interested in clocks.

“I always liked watches and clocks,” he said.

“As time goes by you buy books and learn how things are cleaned and repaired. After a while I could get spare parts for clocks.”

He grew up on a dairy farm and the family later moved to Meroo, but hard times struck.

“When the milk was sold it was in 10 gallon cans then,” Ivan said.

“But they decided to get rid of those and people put freezers in, and small farmers couldn’t afford freezers.”

It was the Depression Era, and Ivan’s father ended up heading to the north coast to find work.

In the 1950s Ivan met a young woman named Nola Russell.

“We met going to the pictures, that was all the go then, there were no TVs,” he said.

Around 18 months later, in April 1960 the pair were married at the Church of England in Nowra.

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Labor sticks fat on footy holiday

PRESSING AHEAD: The Andrews Labor Government has resisted pressure from business groups to dump the grand final eve holiday in Victoria.THE Andrews government has refused to buckle under business pressure and dump its controversial AFL grand final eve public holiday.
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Small business minister Philip Dalidakis has lodged a notice of decision confirming the state government would honour itselection commitment to make grand final Friday and Easter Sunday public holidays from this year.

The notice of decision was signed by the minister following the conclusion of the regulatory impact statementprocess.

The public holidays will be officially introduced via a notice in the government gazette, allowingVictorian businesses time to put in place their trading arrangements and to organise employee rosters.

There will be no trading restrictions imposed on either grand final Friday or Easter Sunday.

“Whether businesses open or closeis entirely a matter for them,” Mr Dalidakis said.

“Grand final Friday presents itself as a great opportunity to celebrate Australia’s national game and spend moretime with our family, friends and loved ones.”

Australian Industry Group regional manager Tim Farrah said the holiday was ludicrous.

“We were very hopeful the government would change its mind based on the facts we presented to them through our surveys,” he said.

“It was fairly conclusive this will be of no benefit to the state at all.

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Ararat juniors assert authority

JUNIOR: Tom Mills made his senior debut for the Rats last weekend.
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ARARAT’S under fourteen footballers are blitzing the rest of the Wimmera Football League competition this season.

The Rats sit on top of the League ladder without a blemish, and boast a percentage of705.56.

Last weekend, the side were easy 60-point victors against Minyip Murtoa.Cori Corrigan andRhiley McKinnis booted four goals each whileBaydn Cosgriff,Jake Arnott andCody Lindsay were named among Rats’ best players.

Ararat claimed the points 10.9 (69) to the Burras 1.3 (9). The Rats play fourth placed Horsham Demons this weekend.

In the under 17 competition,Liam Arnott andHarrison Cronin snared five goals each to guide Ararat to a 98-point win over Minyip Murtoa.

Arnott, along with Chris Wilson, Logan North andBen Boatman, received Rats’ best player votes.

Ararat’s reserves had a tough day, going down to Minyip Murtoaby 73 points.Chris Jerram,Patrick Bell andTaine Pearse stood tall.

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Letter to the editor: ‘Homosexuals’ are ‘hijackers’

It would appear the heterosexual proponents of same sex marriage are under the delusion that the ongoing debate is just about marriage equality, of course this is just a smoke screen.
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On the other hand the homosexual community are pushing their own selfish agenda.

Neither group is considering the wider ramifications of any such unnatural union.

Both parties say it is all about love between two couples regardless of their sexual preferences.

There is very little mention of the rights of children who through adoption and other means may be the result of any such union.

Surely children should be brought up in a natural environment where possible they can experience the love and nurturing of both a mother and father.

If such children when reaching an age where they can make their own decisions choose to lead a a homosexual lifestyle then so be it, however they should not be subjected to a no-choice atmosphere where they would be under the sole influence of two parents of the same sex who believe it is quite normal and natural for children to have two mothers or two fathers.

In my opinion this scenario would create so much confusion in the minds of young children it would have the potential of having an everlasting detrimental effect on their precious lives.

Invariably children will at some time walk in on their parents making love.

I wonder how two married guys will go about explaining to their child why they are committing sodomy and how this act of love making produces children?

I finished raising my three children (two girls and a boy) as a single dad, so I know how difficult it is for a man to teach young girls about the birds and the bees and to assist them with their personal hygiene needs, however I made sure I always had members of the opposite sex around me to assist in such important matters.

Of course this will be a much bigger problem for married homosexual men than it will be for lesbian women.

The homosexual community have hijacked the rainbow, they have hijacked the word gay.

We can no longer depict a rainbow in our artwork or write songs using the word gay unless we are referring to homosexuals, now they are trying to hijack the sanctity of marriage.

Tom Griffin,


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